Offset Hanger

The Offset Hanger is attached directly to door and drawer faces using existing hardware holes.

The Offset Hanger is used to attach to doors and drawer faces. The narrow body and offset design of this hanger allow the finisher to paint around the hanger and ensure no parts of the door are missed. The handle shape of this hanger also makes for a great lifting point that protects your finish.

  • Use one offset hanger for drawers (attached at the knob location)
  • Use two offset hangers and a t-hanger for doors (attached at the hinge location).

The Offset Hanger is made with fiber-reinforced nylon. Every Guffey Systems product is made with durability in mind and proven last years of daily use, even in high-production shops.

The Offset Hanger is made to work with our Pivot Point and Pivot Line systems directly. Two or more Offset Hangers can be used in combination with the Guffey Systems T-Hangers.

6.54″ x 2.22″ x 1.62″

1 x Offset Hanger
1 x Screw (Captured)

1 Year Parts or Replacement

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