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PIVOT LINE by Guffey Systems is a system of Stationary Rail, Mobile Rails, Pivot Line Cars, and an assortment of Hangers. PIVOT LINE is the pinnacle of non-contact finishing and handling. Go from bare wood to final coat without having to touch the finished surface of your components.

PIVOT LINE is the product that started it all. This was an original vision of Nathan Guffey over 3 years ago. Nathan set out to find the most efficient and cost-effective method to move components through his finish booth faster. The old method of spraying flat and setting to drying racks involves an incredible amount of hand time and risk of mishandling. PIVOT LINE addresses all those issues and more.

Why Choose Pivot Line

  • Remove the Bottleneck

    The finishing process is the bottleneck of nearly every cabinet shop. We have seen increases of 2.5X in finish production using the Guffey Systems Pivot Line.

  • Reducing Handling Mishaps

    Guffey Systems Pivot Line allows components to move through the entire finishing process from bare wood to ready for hardware with minimal handling and direct contact, significantly reducing handling mishaps.

  • Quality Materials

    Built and assembled in the USA. This product has been designed as an industrial quality tool, ready for years of trouble free service. We have chosen high quality, durable materials that are ready for busy days in your workshop.

  • Configurable to Your Shop

    Pivot Line can be sized to virtually any shop. Several configurations of Stationary Rail are possible with our assortment of Pivot Line Rail lengths, Corners, Couplers, and optional Floor Stands. Choose your number of Mobile Rails, Pivot Line Cars, and Hangers to fit your production volume.

  • Precision Engineered

    Years of development and engineering have led to a product line where every piece of the puzzle fits together and has a purpose. Pivot Line is a ground up design specifically for cabinet building and other woodworking industries.

  • Affordable Growth

    Pivot Line has been designed for easy expansion. As your shop's finish booth throughput grows from implementation of Pivot Line, Guffey Systems offers easy paths for expanding your capacity without sacrificing any of the hardware you've already purchased.

Stationary Rail

Stationary Rail

• Aluminum Rail allows cars to flow smoothly through the spray process
• Attachment points allow rail to be suspended from overhead structure or supported by Floor Stands (shown)
• Corners allow the rail layout to be configured to your spray booth size and configuration
• Rail End Couplers provide reliable alignment when coupling with a Mobile Rail

PivotLine Cars

• The Core Component of Pivot Line
• Rolls in Aluminum Rail (both Stationary Rail and Mobile Rail)
• Indexes in 90-degree increments for Spraying
• Interfaces with All GS Hangers
• 150 lb Single Car Weight Capacity

Mobile Rail

• Mobile Rail Component Capacity: 20 Cars
• Mobile Rail Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
• Durable Swivel Casters at all 4 corners for maneuverability
• Locking Casters at Handlebar End
• Industrial Grade Steel construction
• Powdercoated Finish
• Quick, Simple Assembly
• Couples securely with Stationary Rail to allow smooth transfer of cars

Floor Stands

 • Rigid Steel support structure for mounting stationary rail to the floor
• Facilitates proper alignment and adjustment of rail during installation
• Available in a range of offsets to accommodate your spray booth and typical component size
• All necessary hardware included for anchoring into concrete floor
GS Z-Rack.61

Stock Rack

• Includes 16 pre-assembled Fixed Mounts for hanging components from all Guffey Systems hangers
• Commercial Duty rolling rack with fully welded base and galvanized steel tubes
• Includes steering handles for maneuvering through your shop
• Heavy-gauge steel clamps at each tubing joint for stiffness and robustness • More economical than Mobile Rails for transporting overflow WIP or extra component storage/drying
offset hanger

Offset Hanger

• Offset Hangers are the Perfect                   Hanger for Cabinet Doors and                   Drawer Fronts
• Captured Screw Included
• If drilling door hinge pockets after          finishing, attach in an area that will be    drilled for hinges
• Doors can be hung diagonally from a      single Offset Hanger or horizontally        by 2 Offset Hangers on a T Hanger
• Attach to the back side of Drawer            Fronts where the Drawer Box                    will cover

Universal Hanger

• Captured screw included
• Use for shelves, face frames, and other miscellaneous components 
• Can be coupled directly to Pivot Line Car or a T Hanger

T Hangers

• Supports EFC's or Hangers to hold panels during painting
• 17” T Hanger - for use with hinge pitch up to 20”
• 30” T Hanger - for use with hinge pitch up to 33”
• 46” T Hanger - for use with hinge pitch up to 49”
• T hangers are also great for hanging multiple narrow components from a single car

Euro Finishing Clip (EFC)

• For use when drilling hinge pockets BEFORE finishing
• EFC's grip inside hinge pocket bore
• Use two EFC's per door 
• Hang EFC's on a T hanger
Twist Stop

Twist Stop

• Locks securely into Stationary Rail or Mobile Rail
• Secures cars in place to avoid movement during transport using Mobile Rail
• Convenient twist-lock motion for speed in production

About Us

Guffey Systems provides equipment to help cabinet makers spray cabinets faster!  Even faster than automation!  Made in the USA.  Designed to spray all sides at once, and finish more than twice as fast as traditional methods.

Contact Info

Address - 704 IC King Rd.
Seymour, TN 37865

Phone - 865-316-9633  (Call or Text)

Email - Sales@GuffeySystems.com

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