About Guffey Systems

Guffey Systems is a joint development effort of two established companies; Guffey Cabinetry and APTUS DesignWorks.  The product design and engineering expertise of APTUS combined with the cabinet finishing knowledge and experience of Guffey Cabinetry has led to the creation of the Guffey Systems PivotLine and PivotPoint products.

APTUS DesignWorks is an engineering and design firm with over 100 years of combined experience on the team. APTUS specializes in creating robust industrial manufacturing tools and developing new production processes. Guffey Cabinetry brings the experience of 3 generations of continuous cabinet building and finishing.

The unique combination of these two independently successful companies has allowed Guffey Systems to develop the best wood component handling products on the market.


Guffey Systems Products Are Proudly Made in the USA

Made in the USA-01

Systems are in stock and ready to ship from our facility in Tennessee.

About Us

Guffey Systems provides equipment to help cabinet makers spray cabinets faster!  Even faster than automation!  Made in the USA.  Designed to spray all sides at once, and finish more than twice as fast as traditional methods.

Contact Info

Address - 704 IC King Rd.
Seymour, TN 37865

Phone - 865-316-9633  (Call or Text)

Email - Sales@GuffeySystems.com

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